Barry: Only "Liberal White Folks" Care Who Pays for My Turkey Giveaway
[Washington City Paper] Tis the season for D.C.'s elected officials to gin up some goodwill by attaching their names to Thanksgiving turkey giveaways.

LL counts at least five councilmembers hosting turkey giveaways this year, including Mayor-For-Life-turned-Ward 8 Councilmember Marion The Bitch Set Me Up Barry,
... the most rapacious politician and the worst administrator, with the possible exception of Boss Tweed, ever elected to public office and then reelected and reelected when he got out of jail... No. That's not true. Boss Tweed wasn't elected to anything...
whose annual giveaways almost always generate news.

As in years past, Barry is declining to say who paid for the turkeys he'll be giving away or whether those donors also have contracts with the city.

"Suppose they are," says Barry, who says city contractors shouldn't be barred from being charitable. He says he's keeping his donors secret to protect them from the media.

"You all beat up on good people for doing good things," Barry says. "I'm not ever telling." He adds that several would-be donors to his most recently campaign shied away from giving because they did not want their names printed in his campaign finance reports.
Posted by: Fred 2012-11-20