Train bomb suspect arrested in southern Thailand
Security forces have arrested a man thought to have been involved in the bomb attack on a train that killed three people and wounded 36 others in Narathiwat province on Sunday.

The officers, assigned to search for bombing suspects in Rueso district yesterday, noticed Anwa Yuni behaving suspiciously as he rode a motorcycle in the village. They decided to arrest him.

Mr Anwa is suspected of helping the attackers watch out for security officers while accomplices carried out the railway attack near a train station. A bomb, planted on the track, blew up when the train passed over it. After the explosion, terrorists militants opened fire on the disabled train.

Investigators discovered that Mr Anwa was once wanted under an arrest warrant in a case related to the emergency decree and that he is a younger brother of Abdunlo Yuni, a suspected terrorist insurgent wanted by police.

Police are searching for followers of Peing Useng, a suspected terrorist insurgent leader in Rueso, and others who may have been involved in the bombing.

Also in Rueso district, two 25 kg bombs planted on a road were dismantled by an explosive ordnance disposal team yesterday afternoon. The remote-controlled bombs had targeted troops traveling on the road. Local residents spotted the hidden devices and promptly alerted authorities.

Meanwhile, Yala municipal police have said they believe the terrorists insurgents responsible for the motorcycle bomb blast that killed one woman and wounded 33 other people on Saturday are part of the same group that carried out the March 31 Yala car bomb attack. Security camera footage and other evidence from the blast scene initially suggested the suspects were related to the Hadi Sa-a group.

Ringleader Mr Hadi is believed to have contacted Saifulo Safuru, an alleged bomb maker, prior to the car bomb attack in Yala province early this year. Other suspects are thought to be members of a terrorist rebel group led by Roki Doro.
Posted by: ryuge 2012-11-21