Man shot dead over faulty SIM
[Dawn] A man was rubbed out by a shopkeeper over faulty mobile phone SIM (subscriber identity module) in Hazara Colony on Tuesday, police said.

Shahid Amin, 30, a resident of Hazara Colony, who used to deal in old clothes, purchased the SIM from a nearby grocery shop on Monday.

When he got it activated he noticed that the SIM did not carry the balance, although the shopkeeper had told him that it had 75 rupees credit.

Ijaz Anjum, the elder brother of the victim, told Dawn that after activating the SIM he dialed another number through his mobile to check the SIM but he found it empty.

He said after finding no balance in the SIM, Shahid went to Mohammed Amir, the shopkeeper, the next day to complain but the illegal seller of the SIM asked him to come again. When he went to the shop in the afternoon, he was again asked to come in the evening."

Ijaz Anjum said: "Again in the evening Shahid went to the grocery shop, this time Amir and his brother exchanged hot words and all of a sudden the former took out his pistol and fired at my brother."

He said a man informed him about the incident.

Ijaz said: "I was taking my younger daughter to hospital when a resident of the area informed me that my brother Shahid had been shot and injured and is lying outside the grocery shop. When I reached there I found my brother lying in a pool of blood and was alive."
Posted by: Fred 2012-11-22