Report: Satellite detects Iran attempt to smuggle Fajr rockets to Gaza
The Sunday Times reports that while ceasefire was being negotiated, missiles were being loaded onto cargo ship docked at an Iraninan port. Israel: We will attack and destroy any shipment of arms
British newspaper The Sunday Times reported that Israeli spy satellites have recognized a cargo ship, docked at an Iranian port, being loaded with missiles presumably bound for the Gaza Strip.

According to the report, a cargo ship docked at the Iranian port of Bandar Abbas was being loaded with rockets and other weapons and munitions. According to analysts, the shipment is in all likelihood heading for Gaza through the Red Sea, Sudan and then Egypt (which shares a border with Gaza).

The cargo, it seems, was prepared approximately one week ago, around the same time the ceasefire agreement to bring to Operation Pillar of Defense to an end was being decided on.

Israeli intelligence sources believe the weapons-laden cargo ship will pass through the well established Iranian weapons smuggling route to Gaza, through Sudan and the Red Sea. Sources told the British newspaper that they believe Iranian ships stationed in Eritrea will escort the ship from the moment it enters the Red Sea. "Regardless of the ceasefire agreement, we will attack and destroy any shipment of arms to Gaza once we have spotted it," an Israeli defense source said.

It appears that the ship's cargo includes Fajr-5 missiles, which terrorist groups have already fired at Tel Aviv and Jerusalem during Operation Pillar of Defense, and possibly Shahab-3 missiles, which can hit deep in Israeli territory.

In Sudan, according to assessment, the Fajr-5 missiles are broken down to four or five parts so they can be conveniently smuggled to Sinai and then brought into Gaza through tunnels.
Posted by: tipper 2012-11-25