Sniper scopes seized at Hodeida Port
[Yemen Post] The Yemeni authorities seized on Saturday at Hodeida Port a cargo of sniper scopes imported from China.

Director of Hodeida Port Salem Ben Boraik told the state news agency, Saba, the authorities could identify that there were nine packages filled with sniper scopes inside a cargo of child diapers.

The seizure of the scopes came amid fears that some Yemeni groups and factions prepare to wars and retaliate against political foes.

Yemeni groups accuse each others of seeking to inflame conflicts and break down the GCC-crafted power transfer deal.

Yemeni officials and political parties accuse Iran of supporting some Yemeni groups with weapons and funds, but there was no formal investigations that approve that claims.

Yemen's custom authorities seized earlier of November a container loaded with pistols cargo at Aden port's free zone.

Security sources affirmed that a cargo of small pistols was hidden inside packages of biscuits, pointing out that the investigations are ongoing to identify the involved persons.

The discovery of this cargo came after the government embarked on a campaign a against weapon carrying in major cities.

According to state sources, the authorities seized about 75,000 pieces of arms across Yemen during the first half of 2012.

The Interior Ministry sought to pass a law that organizes the possession of arm carrying, but it was faced with many obstructions.

Though Yemenis live on less than two dollars a day, Yemen has the second most heavily armed population in the world, unofficial statistics say.

Posted by: Fred 2012-11-26