Judges maintain strike, unsatisfied with Morsi's 'clarification'
[Al Ahram] Egypt's Judges' Club denounce the president's office recalcitrance on his Constitutional Declaration and assert they will continue escalating their strike and work to press for the executive to retract his decree.
In a statement released on Tuesday the Judges' Club assert they are struggling to preserve the judicial branch's independence.

President Mohamed Morsi tried to placate senior members of the judiciary in a meeting on Sunday over the Constitutional Declaration he surprised everyone with on Thursday, which protects the Islamist-led Constituent Assembly and lower house of Parliament from dissolution and makes presidential decrees the final word - even untouchable by the judicary.

In a statement the president's office released after the meeting, they stressed that the Constitutional Declaration will remain unchanged and that the president expressed his respect for the independence of the judiciary. Morsi also offered a clarification that only "sovereign" decrees are not challengable by the judicial system.

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many courts in several governorates have continued their strike for the third day, demanding the decree be retracted.

Posted by: Fred 2012-11-28