Terrified teachers shut down hundreds of schools in southern Thailand
Hundreds of classes have been suspended amid fear and panic in Thailand's increasingly violent southern provinces. The gunning down last week of 51-year-old school principal Nanthana Kaewchan as she drove home from classes in Pattani province has led to demands for the government to guarantee teachers' safety from attacks by Muslim terrorists insurgents.

Ms Nanthana was the 154th teacher killed since the recent insurgency began in 2004. Terrorist attacks and reprisals by state forces in the area have resulted in 5377 people dead and 9513 injured, said Deep South Watch, an organization that monitors the number of victims.

Rather than a lull in the violence, a mass defection of terrorists insurgents in September has been followed by a surge in terrorist attacks in Thailand's four southernmost provinces.

The head of the region's teacher's association, Boonsom Tongsriplai, said Pattani province's 332 schools would be closed indefinitely until teachers were sure they could be protected. He said teachers in other southern provinces would be asked to join the boycott. The association was sorry to inconvenience students and their parents, but teachers were fearful.
Posted by: ryuge 2012-11-28