Transfer of Sufi Mohammad case: Court turns down KP govt's request
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High Court on Friday dismissed a provincial government petition for the transfer of the trial of a terrorism case against Tehrik Nifaz-e-Shariah Mohammadi chief Maulana Sufi Mohammad to Peshawar from Lower Dir.

The government had sought the case's transfer citing Sufi Mohammad's poor health and the delicate security situation as reasons.

Chief Justice Dost Mohammad Khan observed that if Sufi Mohammad had been facing problems during his travel from Peshawar, where he had been imprisoned, to Lower Dir, then he should himself contact the court for the transfer of his case.

The case in which Maulana Sufi is facing trial before an anti-terrorism court in Dir was registered on Feb 12, 2009, under sections 7 and 11-F3 of Anti-Terrorism Act.

The local police had charged him with soliciting support for his defunct organization, arranging its meetings, and criticising and instigating the people against the Constitution and institutions of Pakistain.

Deputy Advocate General Rafiq Khan appeared for the government and said Sufi Mohammad wad enjugged
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at Peshawar Central Prison, where a judge of the Anti-Terrorism Court, Swat, had been trying him in several cases.

He said Maulana Sufi was an old man and had been facing urination problem and therefore, police had been facing difficulties in transporting him to Lower Dir and bringing him back.

Mr Rafiq said the government had several security concerns regarding Sufi Mohammad and it would be appropriate that he should not be moved out of the prison.

The chief justice observed that if Maulana Sufi was facing health problems, then he should have filed the petition for the transfer of the case instead of the state.

Posted by: Fred 2012-12-02