Egypt: Army warns it will not allow 'dark tunnel'
The Mamluks to the rescue.
The army in Egypt has called for dialogue to resolve a crisis over President Mohammed Morsi's new powers, warning it will intervene to stop Egypt going into "a dark tunnel".

In its first statement since protests erupted, it vowed to protect public institutions and innocent people.
Last time they had a chance to do that they refused to shoot the guys riding through Tahrir Square on camels. In fact they were in cahoots with those guys. So pardon me if I find the statements of the Egyptian generals to be a little less than completely serious...
It came as protests continued outside the presidential palace in Cairo.

The opposition has rejected his call for talks, unless he gives up powers and halts a constitutional referendum.

Critics say the draft was rushed through the constituent assembly - a body dominated by Islamists who support Mr Morsi - without proper consultation and does not do enough to protect political and religious freedoms and the rights of women.

Vice-President Mahmud Mekki has indicated that Mr Morsi could delay the 15 December plebiscite if the opposition agreed not to challenge the move on those grounds later, AFP news agency reports.

Under Egyptian law, referendums must be held two weeks after being formally presented to the president.
Posted by: tipper 2012-12-08