Six killed in brazen shootings in southern Thailand
Six people have been killed, including two teachers and a toddler, and five others seriously injured in two brazen shooting attacks in southern Thailand.

The first incident happened in Narathiwat's Rangae district Tuesday morning when gunmen in a pickup truck fired AK-47 and M16 assault rifles into a tea shop, killing three people instantly including a toddler, and injuring six others at the scene. One of the injured died at the hospital bringing the number of dead to four.

Pol Capt Boonsak Noomaad said he received a report of the shooting after 7 a.m. He led a team of soldiers and police to the scene and found at least 40 spent cartridges scattered in front of the teashop.

Security forces are hunting for the attackers, believed to be members of a separatist group led by Amran Ming which is thought to have been responsible for much of the violence in the area.

The second attack occured in nearby Pattani province. Police received a report of the shooting before 1 p.m. Gunmen attacked a school in Mayo district.

Police said at least five men in police uniforms burst into Ban Ba-ngo School. They shot and killed the school director and a teacher, before stealing a pickup truck belonging to another teacher and taking off with it. Police said the attackers were terrorists insurgents.
Posted by: ryuge 2012-12-12