Intelligence Officer Shot Dead in Eastern Yemen
[Yemen Post] Gunmen assassinated early Tuesday a Yemeni intelligence officer in the eastern province of Hadramout
...the formerly independent Qu'aiti state and sultanate, annexed by Communist South Yemen in 1968, encompassing a region along the Gulf of Aden, extending eastwards to the borders of the Dhofar region of Oman. The people are called Hadhramis and speak Hadhrami Arabic. The city Tarimis estimated to contain the highest concentration of descendants of the Prophet Muhammad (PTUI) anywhere in the world, approximately seven in every square yard...
, a killing that comes within a series of liquidations targeting key military and security chiefs and officers.

Security officials in the capital Sanaa said Colonel Ahmed Baramada, deputy intelligence office in Hadramout, was rubbed out near his home in Mukalla.

So far this year, several senior Yemeni officers have been killed in Mukalla, the capital of Hadramout where liquidations and drugs trade have thrived.

The gunnies, who carried out the liquidation, were on a cycle of violence and are believed to be from Al-Qaeda orcs, the officials said, adding they had run away before the authorities arrived at the scene.

The liquidation of Baramada came a day after a counterterrorism officer from the central security organization escaped an liquidation plot in the capital Sanaa.

Captain Muhammad Homran was maimed after a suspected Al-Qaeda orc shot him from onboard a motorbike.

Tens of Yemeni military and security officers, mostly intelligence officers, have been killed since the Yemeni army launched a US-backed offensive and drove Al-Qaeda Death Eaters out of their strongholds in the south earlier this year.

The killings including those by suicide kabooms occurred in main cities including the capital Sanaa which has seen the deadliest ever suicide kabooms against military and security targets

Posted by: Fred 2012-12-12