Hugo Chavez stable and recovering after fourth cancer operation
[Guardian.Co.UK] Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez suffered bleeding during his cancer surgery in Cuba that required "corrective measures" to stanch the flow, his government said Thursday.
"Stanch the flow"? Yeah, I'll bet he's doing just great...
A tourniquet firmly tightened about the neck will do it every time.
But in the latest of a series of unusually frank reports about the president's delicate condition, information minister Ernesto Villegas also said Chavez has been making a "progressive and favourable" recovery after the complications from Tuesday's surgery.

"This recovery process, nevertheless, will require a prudent period of time as a consequence of the complexity of the surgery performed," Villegas added.

The government has begun providing regular updates on the president's recovery after the six-hour surgery in what appears to be a slight easing of the secrecy that has surrounded Chavez's medical treatment since he fell ill last year.

The latest details about Chavez's health came as supporters held church services to pray for him and as Venezuelans increasingly acknowledged that their country might be on the verge of political change if the leftist leader cannot be sworn in for his fourth term early next year.

Posted by: Fred 2012-12-14