Mehsuds say can't spend life as IDPs anymore
[Dawn] Enough is enough. Mehsuds can no more spend life as IDPs out of their own territory. The security forces should clear the tribal areas forthwith as they can't live in camps any longer.

This was announced by a jirga of Mehsud elders here at the political compound of South Wazoo on Wednesday.

The political agent and other government functionaries were also in attendance.

Elders Malik Mehsud Ahmad, Malik Sayedur Rehman, Malik Syed Anwar, Malik Rapa Khan, Malik Haji Mohammad, Malik Mohammad Rafiq, Malik Azizullah, Malik Attaullah, Malik Ayaz and others addressed the jirga.

They said Mehsuds had vacated their houses on the directives of the security forces and political administration for great national interest.

An elder said: "Enough is enough. After passage of three long years, Mehsuds are forced to live as IDPs. The government and security forces have failed to clear our region."

He further said: "We have exhausted, now. We want to return to our homes. The life in camps and tented houses is very difficult. We want free movement and independent life in our own territory."

The other elders said the government had stated in the past that their areas would be cleared soon but after passage of three years, the situation was still unclear. They said Mehsuds won't live as IDPs anymore.

Mehsuds had migrated from Sara Rogha, Makeen, Ladha, Tiarza and Sarokai tehsils.

Until now, 20 to 25 per cent of Sara Rogha and Sarokai displaced residents have returned to their homes. The rest of the areas have yet to be cleared from gun-hung tough guys despite a lapse of three years.

The Mehsud elders said kabooms, drone attacks and other activities of terrorism had been carried out in all parts of tribal agencies but only Mehsud rustics had been stopped from entering their own area. They also demanded distribution of Annual Development
Programme funds and development schemes on the basis of centuries-old nikat system.

The elders said according to nikat system, Mehsuds had authority on three-fourth of the national resources and funds, while Ahmedzai Waziris enjoyed only one-fourth of the resources and funds.

They also regretted that Mehsud IDPs were expelled from Wana but neither the political administration nor other institutions came forward for their help.

The elders demanded that Mehsud students in Government Degree College, Ladha be provided with education facilities in Tank.

They also appealed to unidentified kidnappers to free stenographer to political agent Allah Bagh.

PA Shahidullah Khan also addressed the jirga and said all possible efforts would be made to provide facilities to Mehsuds.

He said he was in contact with the higher authorities to resolve their problems.

Posted by: Fred 2012-12-14