Chavez Suffered 'Complications' but Recovering
[An Nahar] Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez experienced "complications," including bleeding,
"Cheez, nurse! Get a bucket! Quick!"
during his cancer surgery, but is showing positive signs of recovery, senior aides said Thursday.
"Doctor Kildare! Code Blue! Doctor Casey! Code Blue! Doctor Quincy, pick up the white courtesy phone...!"
During his treatment, 58-year-old Chavez had suffered "bleeding that required the adoption of corrective measures," Communications Minister Ernesto Villegas said in a television and radio address.
"Not that sponge, nurse! The big one, the rubber one!"
It was the first time Venezuelan officials had acknowledged complications in the six hours of surgery that Chavez underwent on Tuesday in Havana.
"No, really, he's fine... Mostly."
Chavez is undergoing "a progressive and favorable recovery," Villegas told the nation,
"He hasn't coded yet has he?... No, don't unplug that yet!"
warning that this "requires a precautionary time" due to "the complexity of the operation and also because of complications that arose."
"Do you think you can get it back in, doctor?"
"I can get it back in. I'm just not sure it'll stay."

Vice President Nicolas Maduro, the former foreign minister to whom Chavez bequeathed the reins of power before flying to Havana on Monday, also said that the president's condition was improving.
"No, no! He's breathing and everything! Mostly."
"In the last hours the process of recovery has evolved from stable to favorable," Maduro said, describing it as one of "progressive recovery."
Posted by: Fred 2012-12-15