Tunisia arrests terror suspects
[Magharebia] Tunisian security forces placed in durance vile
... anything you say can and will be used against you, whether you say it or not...
several members of a Kasserine terror group linked to the recent clash near the Algerian border, TAP reported on Thursday (December 13th). Tunisian Interior Minister Ali Larayedh on Wednesday said that he could not disclose any further details, as the operation was still under way.

On Wednesday, AFP quoted a security official as saying that 11 Islamists had been captured and another was still on the run.

The arrests followed the Monday clash between the National Guard and armed gun-hung tough guys in Bou Chebka, near the Algeria border.

The border post chief in Feriana, 27-year-old Anis Jlassi, was killed in the shootout.

Posted by: Fred 2012-12-15