Russia's counterterrorism committee lists accomplishments
The special representative of Russia's Counterterrorism Committee (NAK),Andrei Przhezdomsky, listed the committee's achievements at a press conference.

Przhezdomsky said some 360 militants have been killed so far this year,"99 percent of them in the North Caucasus," but also referred to terrorist attacks in Tatarstan during the year. He said the number of terror victims in 2012 decreased to 58 from 128 in 2011.

Przhezdomsky said 466 "improvised explosive devices, some of which were already functional" were seized, including 21 suicide bomber belts.

The NAK representative credited part of the committee's success to three elements -- "the prevention of terrorist attacks, the arrest of suspected terrorists, and minimizing the damage from acts of terror."

Przhezdomsky also said that better coordination between authorities and law enforcement agencies has furthered the advances that the committee has made in the war on terror.

Przhezdomsky said a "total of 515 militant bases and arms caches" were discovered this year and nearly 1,500 were found in the last four years. He said some of the militant bases had "laboratories, fortified bunkers and [supplies] that could allow people to live there autonomously."

Przhezdomsky also warned that there are more than 7,000 websites identified by the NAK as "terrorist" websites, "some 500 of which are in Russian." He said that while it was possible to counter such websites in Russia, many sites such as KavkazTsentr, a Chechen rebel website, are posting material from outside Russian borders. He said even YouTube "is filled with terrorist elements."
Posted by: ryuge 2012-12-15