PM's relative nominated for WB post
[Dawn] The government has designated the prime minister's son-in-law, Raja Azeem-ul-Haque, as an executive director of World Bank, according to a bigwig.

Mr Haque will replace Javed Talat -- a former finance secretary who was appointed to the position about eight years ago by the Musharraf administration.

Mr Talat has completed two terms in the position and was given a one-year extension that expired about two months ago.

The finance ministry had opposed Mr Haque's nomination even though the summary for his appointment was moved by the Economic Affairs Division. Ultimately, the finance ministry had to give in to the wishes of the Prime Minister Secretariat.

The Pak nominee for the World Bank post will have to win endorsements from six other countries because he will represent seven nations and deal with billions of dollars meant for bank's programs and development projects.

The prime minister of Pakistain is the designating authority for the bank post representing Pakistain, Afghanistan, Iran, Algeria, Morocco, Ghana and Tunisia.

The posts of executive director and alternate executive directors pertaining to the seven nations are rotated between Pakistain and Algeria every two years. The Algerian alternate executive director was appointed about two months ago.

Pakistain's representative will perform duties as executive director for two years and then become an alternate executive director.

Some government officials had been critical of Mr Haque's nomination because of his 'quick promotions' within a few years from grade 18 to 21.

Normally, only bigwigs are sent on such lucrative assignments after considerable exposure to domestic, regional and global economic issues.

Posted by: Fred 2012-12-16