Palestinian Cops Clash With Islamists In Hebron
[Jpost] Hamas, always the voice of sweet reason, supporters on Friday clashed with Paleostinian Authority coppers who tried to stop them from attacking IDF soldiers and settlers in Hebron, eyewitnesses reported

The clash erupted following a Hamas rally in the city marking the 25th anniversary of the founding of the Islamist terrorist movement.

Similar rallies have also taken place in the past few days in Nablus, Kalkilya, Ramallah and Tulkarm.

The eyewitnesses said that dozens of Hamas supporters began marching toward the Israeli-controlled part of Hebron immediately after the rally.

PA coppers tried to stop the protesters from approaching an IDF checkpoint, they added. At this point, the Hamas supporters hurled stones and empty bottles at the Paleostinian coppers. No one was hurt.

A PA security official in Hebron denounced the Hamas supporters for attacking Paleostinian coppers.

The official said that the coppers had been deployed in the city to maintain law and order.

According to the official, the PA coppers received orders to stop the Hamas supporters from marching toward the IDF soldiers and Jewish homes "so as not to give Israel an excuse to invade our city."
Posted by: trailing wife 2012-12-16