Fisticuffs at Old PU Law
[Dawn] Two faculty members of the Punjab University Law Colleges on Saturday created a scene on the campus when they had a physical fight on salary issue during which they also used abusive language against each other.

Dr Amanullah Malik, who is on two-year ex-Pakistain leave and teaches International Human Rights Law at the South Asian University, New Delhi, India, told Dawn that he had left for the neighbouring country on September 3 but the law college acting principal Samee Uzair stopped his August salary.

He said Mr Uzair even did not respond to the emails he sent him from India and eventually he (Dr Malik) had to send an email to the PU vice-chancellor, requesting him to get his salary released.

Dr Malik said he had returned to Pakistain on vacation after the completion of first semester at the Indian varsity a couple of days ago and was sitting in the room of a college teacher, Iftikhar Tarar, when Mr Uzair came there and started misbehaving with him. Dr Malik alleged Mr Uzair uses abusive language against his family members for sending email to the vice-chancellor.

At this provocation, it is learnt, Dr Malik hit the principal with his bag ensuing a brawl between the two teachers, leaving both of them injured. Principal Mr Uzair got an injury near his left eye, while Dr Malik's spectacles were broken.

Dr Malik said that he called police emergency 15 and Moslem town police reached the college campus.

On the other hand, Mr Uzair said Dr Malik was on without-pay ex-Pakistain leave and was supposed to pay back Rs150,000 loan he had obtained from the college funds.

He said that he had also issued a notice to Dr Malik when he did not return even the first monthly installment of Rs5,000 of the loan.

"When Dr Malik visited my office for an NOC he required to proceed to India, he committed that he would return the loan within a week's time. I signed the NOC. However,
a hangover is the wrath of grapes...
he did not return the loan. He had to again return to me for another NOC," Mr Uzair said.

"This time, Dr Malik committed that he would give post-dated cheques for payment of loan installments. However,
a woman is only as old as she admits...
he left for India without returning the loan or giving post-dated cheques," Mr Uzair explained.
Posted by: Fred 2012-12-17