Businessmen complain of bribery at Torkham
[Dawn] Businessmen from Pakistain and Afghanistan have accused the passport and immigration staff at Torkham border of extorting money from the people and deliberately delaying their arrival and departure.

Talking to Dawn, Pak exporter Mohammad Aamir alleged that the passport and immigration staff confiscated travelling document of businessmen and traders on refusal to bribe them.

He said Afghan nationals, especially businessmen without dual nationality, were the worst victims of the immigration staff, who delayed stamping their visas over denial of bribe.

Mohammad Aamir, who exports Pak goods to Afghanistan, said the immigration staff at Torkham border unlawfully charged from Rs200 to Rs500 without receipt or official challan
... list of charges ...
from each and every person coming to Pakistain and going to Afghanistan.

Mohammad Riaz, a fruit dealer, alleged that those refusing to pay bribe were made to wait for hours for clearance of their travelling documents.

He said Afghan businessmen and even ordinary citizens with dual passports were the prime target of the passport and immigration staff.

"These Afghan nationals are allowed to enter Pakistain only after they pay Rs10,000 each to the staff at the immigration office though they carry valid travel documents," he alleged.

When approached, the immigration staff refused to comment on the businessmen's allegations against them.

Posted by: Fred 2012-12-17