Fighters returning from Syria risk to Australia
A security analyst has warned that Muslims returning to Australia after fighting in Syria could pose a national security risk. Tobias Feakin of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) says he understands about 100 Australian men are in or have been to Syria to fight for or support the anti-government rebels.

In an article on ASPI's blog Feakin said, "There are obvious security issues for Australia as those individuals return. Those individuals who gain frontline combat experience in Syria and the ideological extremes and motivations that they bring back with them, are likely to concern Australian authorities. The bottom line is that while governments are busy downgrading the terrorist agenda, new spheres of influence and radical messaging emerge."

Feakin said while some of the Australians fighting in Syria have been named through media reports many more remain unidentified and presumably unmonitored.

Senior government ministers have warned leaders in the Lebanese and Syrian community that it is not legal for Australians to take part in the Syrian uprising. The Australian Federal Police distributed flyers to Muslim communities across Australia last month, notifying that fighting for either side would breach an arms embargo and could incur hefty penalties, including jail time.
Posted by: ryuge 2012-12-21