India signs $4-bn defence deals with Russia
Yet another 'achievement' of this administration - undoing the rapproachment with India that GWB managed.
Not necessarily -- Russia has always been a big arms supplier to India, and the Indians have always said that whatever relationship they might have with us, they'll continue to do business with Russia, just to keep their options open. Another example is the Akula II-class sub they are 'leasing' from the Russians so as to learn about how to operate a nuclear submarine.
True, but Obama has deliberately dismantled a lot of the groundwork laid by Bush which was, among other things, intended to keep Pakistan and China balanced in the region, including in northern Afghanistan. This administration's disdain for India is similar to, albeit a pale imitation of, their utter dislike for Britain.
India and Russia sewed up defence deals worth around $4 billion on Monday as Russian President Vladimir Putin arrived in New Delhi for a brief visit.

The first contract signed was for delivery of 71 Mi-17V 5 helicopters, while another dealt with delivery of 42 technological kits for SU-30 MKI aircraft licenced production.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh called Russia a key partner in India's efforts to enhance its defence preparedness. "A number of joint-design, development and production projects are underway. We expressed satisfaction that these projects are progressing well," Singh said.

Calling defence cooperation a major pillar of the India-Russia partnership, the two sides also took note of the progress made in the joint development and production of high-technology military equipment and projects. Both sides also discussed measures to ensure expeditious delivery of aircraft carrier INS Vikramaditya to India.

Posted by: lotp 2012-12-25