Drone Strikes Kill Six Qaida Suspects in Yemen
[An Nahar] Two suspected U.S. drone strikes killed six al-Qaeda Islamic fascisti in Yemen on Monday, including a Jordanian, government officials said.

The first "drone strike targeted a vehicle killing two al-Qaeda members -- a Yemeni and a Jordanian" in Manaseh of central Bayda province, a local government official said, requesting anonymity.

A security official identified one of the Islamic fascisti killed as Abdullah Hussein al-Waeli, an al-Qaeda member from Marib province who was wanted after he beat feet from prison two years ago. No details were given on the Jordanian.

Tribal sources said three other Islamic fascisti were maimed in the attack.

Three missiles fired at cycle of violences in Hadramawt province killed four more al-Qaeda bad turbans, a local government official said.

The official, who requested anonymity, said the missiles were fired by "an American drone," and that the attack took place in the center of Shehr, a town east of the bustling provincial capital Mukalla.

Al-Qaeda had declared an Islamic emirate in nearby Radaa earlier this year, shortly before being driven out by tribal militiamen.

Tareq al-Dahab, who led the al-Qaeda gunnies in the January raid on the town, was rubbed out in February.

Dahab was a brother-in-law of slain U.S.-born holy man Anwar al-Awlaqi, who was killed in a suspected US drone strike in September.

Posted by: Fred 2012-12-25