Afghan nationals tortured, 2 Khasadar rescuers injured
[Pak Daily Times] Unidentified persons tortured thirty Afghan nationals near the Michni post on Thursday, whereas two Khasadar Force personnel who came to the rescue of the Afghans were maimed in cross-firing with the assailants.

According to reports, the Khasadar Force personnel rushed to the site to control the situation when they came to know that some unidentified people were torturing the Afghan nationals. "We were tortured physically and our clothes and some Afghan passports were also torn," an Afghan national said. Another Afghan national quoted their attackers as saying that "we are taking Dire Revenge™ for those twenty-nine Pak nationals who had been tortured in Afghanistan and whose Pak passports had been torn and thrown into River Kabul."

The political administration dispatched more Khasadar personnel to the site who exchanged fire with the unidentified persons. As a result, two Khasadar personnel were slightly injured. The administration forces have incarcerated
Keep yer hands where we can see 'em, if yez please!
five suspected persons during a search operation in the area near Michni checkpost, Landikotal APA said. The Khasadar personnel took the Afghan nationals to the Torkham border crossing so that they could go back, sources said.

They added that the Afghan border security forces went berserk and wanted to close the border when the saw the tortured Afghans returning, but the Torkham Tehsildar Meraj Khan met them and pacified them by promising that strict action would be taken against the myrmidons. He also informed them that five suspects had been arrested after the incident.
Posted by: Fred 2012-12-28