OWS organizer arrested after police find 'a bomb and weapons' in their apartment
From across the pond. A couple of neo-radicals having their Bill Ayres and Bernardine Dohrn moment of fun. (A footnote: OWS was supported by Barack Hussein Obama and other prominent Donks.).
The daughter of a prominent New York doctor and her Occupy Wall Street-organizer boyfriend were arrested after police discovered an explosive used for making bombs and a cache of weapons in their upscale New York City apartment, it was claimed.
But Michael Bloomberg is more concerned about sugary soft drinks...
Morgan Gliedman, 27, and Aaron Greene, 31, were taken away from their home in Manhattan's pricey Greenwich Village on Saturday. Gliedman, who is nine months pregnant, is the daughter of a top Brooklyn cancer doctor and was educated at the Dalton School, an exclusive New York prep school attended by the likes of Anderson Cooper and Claire Danes.
Makes sense. It's usually the children of the wealthy and powerful who have the idle time to become radicalized by the codswollop they learn at elite schools...
Greene went to Harvard University for his undergraduate degree and did graduate work at the Kennedy School of Government there, as well.
Like I was just saying...
The New York Post reports that police found seven grams of HMTD, a high explosive powder that was reportedly used in the 2005 London Underground bombings.

Officers discovered bomb-making instructions, including one document titled 'The Terrorist Encyclopedia,' according to the newspaper.
Bill Ayers would be so proud...
Posted by: JohnQC 2012-12-31