Russian diplomat pays for language problem
[Dawn] Refusal by a Russian diplomat to pay fine for a traffic violation, as he could not understand English spoken by the traffic warden, landed him at Kohsar cop shoppe.

He was however released after the embassy officials reached the cop shoppe and paid the fine.
"None o' that 'diplomatic immunity' crap! Pay up or you can rot in there with Mahmoud!"
"Bozhe moi! What's that he's got in his hand... Ewwww! Here! Take it all!"

Traffic officials checking speed violations at Jinnah Avenue on Tuesday afternoon spotted a speeding vehicle, which was intercepted. The vehicle belonged to a Russian diplomat.
"Da, da! Is offitsialny diplo avtomobile!"
A traffic warden seeing that the occupant of the vehicle was a foreigner, tried communicating with him in English. But the Russian diplomat retorted in Russian and refused to pay the fine for the traffic violation.
"Nyet, nyet! Rooskie diplos don't do shakedowns!"
An argument ensued in two different languages, eventually leading both parties to the cop shoppe.
"Hey! Leggo!"
At the cop shoppe, the Russian diplomat introduced himself as an employee of the Russian embassy.

Later he contacted his embassy officials who reached the cop shoppe and paid the baksheesh fine.

Later the police released the diplomat along with the official car.

Posted by: Fred 2013-01-03