Senate shelves transfer of missile frigates to Turkey
The US Congress has shelved a bill seeking permission to give guided missile frigates to Turkey as the Senate failed to approve the proposal, Today's Zaman reported.

On Monday, the US House of Representatives approved the bill, which also includes the transfer of missile frigates to Thailand and Mexico. The bill authorizes President Barack Obama to grant the US military permission to provide guided missile frigates to these three countries.

The motion requires Senate approval before it comes into effect. If Obama acts on the motion, Turkey will be given two guided missile frigates, the USS Halyburton (FFG-40) and the USS Thach (FFG-43).

In the last session of Senate on Wednesday, the bill failed to make it onto the agenda. If a bill does not get approval during a legislative session in Senate, it is shelved. As the US Senate failed to approve the bill, the transfer of missile frigates has now been shelved for another session.
Posted by: Steve White 2013-01-04