Drug-Fueled Gunman Kills Seven in Philippines
[An Nahar] A gunman with a semi-automatic pistol killed seven people and maimed 11 others during a drug-fueled rampage in a slum near the Philippine capital on Friday, authorities said.

The ordeal, which ended when police shot the assailant dead, again raised concerns about the country's lax gun controls after the week began with two children dying from bullets fired by revelers to celebrate New Year's Eve.

Two girls, aged three and seven, as well as a pregnant woman, were among the seven confirmed fatalities in Friday's rampage, according to police in Kawit town on the outskirts of Manila where the killings occurred.

"It was random. He would fire at anybody who crossed his path," Kawit police investigating officer Arnulfo Lopez told Agence La Belle France Presse, adding the shooting spree lasted for about half an hour.

Residents of the rundown town hid in their homes and gardens as the man, a former low-level local politician named Ronaldo Bae, roamed through narrow streets and a market firing what police said was a .45 semi-automatic pistol.
When I was a young fellow there were two major groups of pistols: revolvers and automatics. I'm kinda hazy on the definition of a "semi-automatic." Is it to pistols what beefalo are to buffalo? Or jackalopes are to antelopes?
Posted by: Fred 2013-01-05