Chavez about to punch out?
Lots of slurpy tongue-love by the Guardian in this piece, just as you'd expect...
Ick. Some things are best kept behind closed doors. One would think the broadsheet of former public schoolkids with their university sheepskins would understand such things.
The change of mood in Plaza Bolivar could hardly be more dramatic. Less than three months ago, jubilant crowds filled the main square in Caracas to celebrate another election triumph for Hugo Chavez with chants of "Oo, ah, Chavez no se va" -- Chavez won't go. Now, however, supporters wait anxiously for any scrap of news from Havana, Cuba, where their president is fighting for his life after emergency cancer surgery.

"We are all very confused. We have no idea what to expect. I pray for his recovery but I am expecting the worst," said JoaquĆ­n Cavarcas, as he scanned the Ciudad CCS newspaper for the latest update.
He's got an incurable cancer, wide-spread metastases, internal bleeding, pneumonia and (likely) sepsis -- yup, you're quite reasonable here to expect the worst...
Next Thursday, Chavez is supposed to be inaugurated for a further six-year term of office at a ceremony at the National Assembly. But the usually gregarious, publicity-loving president
Which is Guardian-speak for dictatorial thug...
has not been seen or heard since his operation on 11 December, prompting speculation that he will not recover ever in time.
Posted by: Steve White 2013-01-05