Japan sends fighter jets to intercept Chinese plane over disputed islands
[Iran Press TV] Japan has reportedly dispatched fighter jets to ward off a Chinese plane flying near a chain of disputed islands claimed by both Beijing and Tokyo.

A front man for Japan's Defense Ministry said Saturday that the fighter jets were sent to the zone after a Chinese aircraft approached the northern part of the islands.

According to the front man, the Chinese plane, which was flying around 120 kilometers from the disputed territories located in the East China Sea, left the zone without violating Japan's airspace.

He added that it was the first time, this year, that Japanese fighter jets were sent to fight off a Chinese aircraft venturing near the disputed areas.

On December 31, China added a group of renovated ex-navy vessels to its maritime surveillance fleet in the East and South China Seas, amid ongoing territorial dispute with Japan.

Japanese sources also reported on the same day that Tokyo was considering plans to introduce the US Global Hawk unmanned aircraft by 2015 to boost surveillance in its waters near the uninhabited territories.

Posted by: Fred 2013-01-06