Young Girl Finds Human Head on Australia Beach
[An Nahar] Police were carrying out forensic tests Monday after a young girl found what is believed to be a human head washed up on an Australian beach in a plastic bag.
"Mom! What's this?"
"Why, I believe it's a human head in a bag, honey!"

The gruesome discovery was made at Porpoise Bay on Sunday by the girl, who was holidaying on Rottnest Island off Perth in Western Australia with her family.

"We believe it to be the remains of a human head," Inspector Denise Grant said, the West Australian newspaper reported.
"Yes. It's got a nose, a chin, several teeth, and ears. Definitely human."
a good lie finds more believers than a bad truth...
we are yet to confirm this. We can't confirm it until the forensic pathologists have finished their examination."
"It could be an anthropoid ape, actually. They have many of the same appurtenances humans do."
Police would not confirm what the remains were held in but reports said it was "double bagged".
That was to keep it from leaking. And the bag from breaking. They're kind of heavy, you know, human heads. Anthropoid apes not so much, of course...
Authorities have blocked off the southern side of Rottnest Island -- a popular tourist spot a short ferry ride from Perth -- to carry out further testing.

Police said the remains were thought to have been in the water for some time.
"Hmmm... The thing appears to be waterlogged. I suspect it's been in the water for some time."
"This item which is possibly human remains is yet to be examined today by a forensic pathologist," police front man Sergeant Gerry Cassidy told the ABC.
"Doctor Quincy! Pick up the white courtesy phone!"
"At this stage the area where it was found is a protective forensic area and access to that immediate area for visitors is closed."
"I'm sorry, sir, you can't go in!"
"But I've lost me 'ead! It's in there someplace!"
"Have you tried lost and found?"
"Well, okay. I'll try over there."
[blunders off]
"Crikey, Bob! That fellow had a really short haircut, dinny!"

Posted by: Fred 2013-01-08