Malaysia Detainees Flee after Hijacking Police Van

[An Nahar] Seven alleged criminals who were being transferred to a Malaysian court seized the opportunity to hijack the police van carrying them in a daring escape on Monday, police said.
Ooh, ooh! I think I seen this movie!
The van's driver had pulled over when a commotion burst out among the detainees who were being taken from jail to their court proceedings in the northern state of Penang, Abdul Rahman Ibrahim, a district police chief, told Agence La Belle France Presse.
And then they shot up the car that Brad Pitt's girlfriend was in, see?
Seven of the detainees then overwhelmed the driver and two coppers, forcing them out of the vehicle along with two other detainees who did not take part in the hijacking, he said.
And the whole thing's a plot to get the bad guy out, see?
The truck was later found abandoned in a village. Police have launched a hunt for the missing hijackers.
So they pull the van over on this country road and then the bad guy's men shoot all the other escapees!
"I think they just took advantage of the situation," Abdul Rahman said.
The cops, naturally, don't know whether to poop or go blind, except for this one police lieutenant, see?...
"We are still combing the area, looking for them," he said, adding that they were believed to have escaped into an oil-palm plantation.
But Brad Pitt, he sets out to get revenge for his girlfriend...
Posted by: Fred 2013-01-08