Kidnappers strike again in Zamboanga City
Late Friday, kidnappers seized a member of a prominent family on a coastal village in the southern Philippine city of Zamboanga. Gunmen took the victim, Edgar Fabella, to a waiting motorboat in the village of Maasin at around 8 p.m. and sped off under cover of darkness.

No other details about the abduction were made available and no individual or group has claimed responsibility for the latest kidnapping.

Last month, suspected Abu Sayyaf kidnappers released on ransom a school principal, Flordeliza Ongchua, after more than two months in captivity.

Ongchua was kidnapped on November 13 in her house in Labuan village, several miles from where Fabella was taken. At least a dozen gunmen burst into Ongchua’s house after failing to find their target, the village chieftain, Ronald Maravilla, who is a relative of the victim.

Crisanto dela Cruz, a former Catholic priest, wrote on his Facebook page, “Another kidnapping incident has happened just this evening with a member of the Fabella family taken, very Tragic indeed. My prayers and solidarity (go) to the family in their present moments of anxiety and pain.

“What is happening to our dear Zamboanga City? The intelligence funds and billions of government funds deposited in banks is a great shame if our people are not safe, being victims of kidnappings, killings and other unsolved crimes. What a shame, God bless and protect us all from harm."
Posted by: ryuge 2013-01-12