Seven Hurt in Sinai Attack on Egypt Police Patrol
[An Nahar] An Egyptian police officer and six recruits were maimed on Friday when gunnies attacked their patrol in the Sinai Peninsula, security officials said.

The patrol had been tasked with protecting the cross-Sinai pipeline that supplies Egyptian gas to Israel and Jordan and which has been the target of 15 separate attacks since 2011.

Unidentified gunnies opened fire on the patrol in the Ouja region, hitting the seven men, all of whom were taken to hospital in El-Arish.

Sinai, a sparsely populated peninsula home to both lucrative tourist resorts in the south and shadowy Islamist forces of Evil in the north, is also a major transit point for arms smuggling to the Islamist-ruled Gazoo Strip.

Posted by: Fred 2013-01-12