Lake Garda for 10th Mtn WWII missing close to being found.
Underwater footage shows amphibious truck lying at the bottom of Lake Garda.
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In the final hours of World War II in northern Italy, a group of US soldiers set off across Lake Garda hoping to outflank German troops. But the Americans never reached the shore. Their amphibious truck sank in a storm, and more than 20 men on board were drowned.

Now though, nearly 70 years on, there is suddenly hope that their bodies might be found. The sunken American vehicle was located in the depths of the lake a few weeks ago.

"We have this policy of 'no man left behind'," said Val Rios, a spokesman for an association that represents descendants of troops who fought in the US Army's 10th Mountain Division. "We've had 24 soldiers down at the bottom of Lake Garda for all these years, so it means a great deal for us to hopefully bring closure to this tragic accident."

Mr Rios believes that it may be possible to identify the remains of some of the troops, either in the hull of the vehicle or scattered nearby. And he hopes that there might eventually be burials in the hometowns across America that the soldiers left so long ago.
Posted by: Water Modem 2013-01-12