Egypt Authorities Seize 500 Kg Of Explosives Meant For Sinai
[Ynet] Egyptian media outlets reported that the police in the Suez district have seized 500 kg of explosives that were on their way to south Sinai.

The security forces have said they have foiled several attempts to smuggle weapons and explosives near Egypt's border with the Gazoo Strip over the past few days.
Ma'an reports another seizure in the Sinai:
Egypt seizes 2.5 tonnes of explosives en-route to Sinai

Egyptian authorities on Saturday seized 2.5 tonnes of explosives hidden in three trucks en-route to the Sinai peninsula.

The trucks contained different types of kabooms and mortar devices, Egyptian sources said, which were hidden in tires within the vehicles.

Four suspects confessed to trying to smuggle the explosives into Sinai, the sources added.

Egyptian security forces have waged a security campaign in the desert Sinai region to reign in krazed killer groups, after 16 Egyptian border guards were killed in an attack on their post in August.

On Friday, an Egyptian army officer was rubbed out by snipers in the city of El-Arish, while earlier this week Egyptian military forces foiled an attempted car-bombing near a Sinai military base.
Posted by: trailing wife 2013-01-13