Yemen Police Raid Terrorist Hideout, Arrest Two, Ministry
[Yemen Post] Yemeni police raided at dawn Monday an Al-Qaeda hideout in the capital Sanaa and tossed in the calaboose
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two suspected gunnies with equipment including explosives, the interior ministry reported.

"The hideout in the Jadder district north of Sanaa was used as a place to make explosives and bombs as well as for plans to carry out political liquidations in the country," the ministry quoted an official as saying.

"Mines, explosives, detonators, aerial bases, electric detonators and other equipment including those used to make bombs were seized during the raid," the official said, adding there were books including the guide of liquidations.

The arrestees were part of one of the most dangerous cells which had been involved in liquidations and planned to attack public targets, the ministry quoted the source as adding.

Tens of senior security and military officers, mostly intelligence officers, were assassinated last and other politicians escaped plots.

Posted by: Fred 2013-01-15