Syrian Students in Britain Hit by Funding Crisis
[An Nahar] Some 670 Syrian students at British universities risk being expelled because they can no longer meet their fees due to the conflict back home, campaign organizers claimed Tuesday.

The collapse of the Syrian currency, the closure of the embassy in Britannia, sanctions on Syrian banks and the Syrian higher education ministry stopping funding have made it hard for students to finance their tuition.

Some Syrian students have already been expelled or asked to pay up or leave their courses, according to campaigners who have launched a petition.

To help out the affected students, Britannia's finance ministry is freeing up funds from accounts hit by the European Union
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's inner circle, said a spokeswoman from the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS), which handles universities.

Brunel University post-graduate student Husam Helmi, from outside Damascus
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, has lost his aunt and uncle in the conflict while his family have fled their homes.

"This is a disaster. If we don't complete our courses, we will have to pay double our entire fees when we return to our Syrian universities," he said in an email from the online campaigning community Avaaz.

Posted by: Fred 2013-01-16