Suicide bomber attacks Afghan security offices in Kabul
A building belonging to Afghanistan's National Directorate of Security (NDS) has been attacked by a suicide bomber in the capital, Kabul, officials have told the BBC.

A loud explosion was heard, followed by gunfire around the building.

It is close to the interior ministry and other key government offices.

It is not yet clear who the attackers are, but the Taliban have over the past two years launched several high profile attacks in Kabul.

It is also unclear whether there are any casualties.

The area involved in central Kabul is heavily barricaded and also houses several Western embassies.

The main explosion took place around noon local time (07:30 GMT). A plume of smoke rose from the area, and gunfire and police sirens were then heard.

The international military coalition in Afghanistan confirmed the explosion and gunfire but had no further details.
Posted by: tipper 2013-01-16