Lenin's body nearer exit
[Dawn] JUST one in four Russians thinks the body of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin should remain ensconced in its dark mausoleum on Red Square, according to a poll released on Wednesday.

The new findings have fuelled speculation that the Russian authorities may bury Lenin's body -- a measure that remains highly politically charged 89 years after the Soviet leader's death.

The Levada Centre, an independent pollster, found that 25 per cent of those polled believed Lenin should remain in his mausoleum -- a record low since the organization first began asking the question in 1997.

Most of those polled -- 34 per cent -- said Lenin should be buried in St Petersburg's Volkovsky cemetery, while 19 per cent wanted to see him buried in the Kremlin walls, alongside other Soviet luminaries.
If I was Tsar of All the Russias like Putin, I'd leave it where it was and charge a ruble a peek. Don't turn down a reliable source of revenue.
Posted by: Fred 2013-01-19