Pakistani Fertilizer Firm To Expand In US, Balks On Controlling Bomb Materials
[Washington Times] The Pak corporation that has refused the Pentagon's urgent appeals to control the flow of kabooms to bomb-makers who kill U.S. troops is expanding its fertilizer manufacturing into the United States.

And it is being done with the help of U.S. taxpayers through the municipal bond market.

The Indiana Finance Authority has approved $1.27 billion in tax-exempt bonds for Midwest Fertilizer Corp. to build a nitrogenous fertilizer manufacturing plant in Posey County. Midwest is a new startup company of the Fatima Group, a conglomerate headquartered in Lahore, Pakistain.

Fatima's fertilizer components are used by bully boyz in Pakistain and Afghanistan to build homemade bombs -- the No. 1 killer of American service members in Afghanistan.

Fatima's corporate leaders know this is happening, based on communications with B.O. regime officials and military leaders, but they have refused pleas to control the flow, according to an Army general.
Posted by: trailing wife 2013-01-29