Harvard hands down punishment in cheating scandal
Banished from the cushy ivory tower, scores of cheating Harvard students were sentenced to six months’ hard time in the real world before they can re-apply to the prestigious university.
Hard time in the real world? Northeastern does that. It's called the "co-op" program.
The punishment came down on 60 crimson students ordered to “withdraw” — a forced break that can only be absolved after the ousted undergrads hold “a full-time, paid, non-academic job in a non-family situation” for at least half a year, dean of the faculty of arts and sciences Michael D. Smith wrote in an email yesterday. After that, the dean added, Harvard will consider letting the students back on campus.
Daddy can pay in cash?
Welcome back!

The cheating accusations first surfaced in the student newspaper, the Harvard Crimson, in August 2011. The paper reported the cheaters were part of an Introduction to Congress class where 120 students were accused of cutting corners, a figure the university did not dispute.
Sounds like they've got a future there...
Posted by: tu3031 2013-02-02