Pakistan's Offer to Train Afghan Forces Draws Critics
[Tolo News] Afghan Minister of Defence has welcomed the offer for Pakistain to help train his country's forces training, saying Pakistain is the best place for the women in the Afghan cops to receive training, a Chinese news agency wrote Friday.

Bismillah Khan Mohammadi reportedly made the comments following his meetings with Pakistain defence officials in Islamabad in the past week.

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some experts do not believe Islamabad is looking to train security personnel for Afghanistan but rather that it is a new strategy aimed at turning the recruits to work for Pak aims.

"Pakistain is professional in training terrorists, not in training military forces, and it is looking for its own interests in Afghanistan. This time it is trying a new strategy," Afghan military analyst Miagol Waseeq told TOLOnews.

Mohammadi's visit to Pakistain was said by the Ministry of Defence to have increased optimism around negotiations with Islamabad on the fight against insurgency in the region and border security.

Posted by: Fred 2013-02-04