Talk of Nork Nuclear Test 'a Hasty Conclusion'
A quasi-official North Korean website has accused the outside world of drawing a "hasty conclusion" that the North is about to conduct another nuclear test.
Perhaps China scolded its dog...
Reacting to the announcement of and "important decision" by North Korea, "the U.S. and hostile forces jumped to conclusions that [Pyongyang] is planning a third nuclear test," the Uriminzokkiri website quoted the weekly Tongil Sinbo as saying last Friday.

Some experts believe the piece is a way hinting at a U-turn over the nuclear test under pressure from China, but a government official here said it is more likely to be a tactical deception.

"The North has already gone too far with preparations to stop the nuclear test," he said. "If the regime was really calling it off it would have announced it in a more prominent official publication like the Rodong Sinmun daily."

Ryu Dong-ryeol of the Police Science Institute said the regime often uses the Tongil Sinbo or the Chosun Sinbo, a pro-Pyongyang mouthpiece in Japan, for smoke-screen tactics because it doesn't have to take responsibility for what appears in them, unlike official organs like the Rodong Sinmun.
There's propaganda and then there's official propaganda...
Meanwhile, Pyongyang's official KCNA news agency said Tuesday that the North will continue to launch long-range rockets "to ensure its own security."
Posted by: Steve White 2013-02-12