Pak-Afghan border closed down following scuffle between soldiers
[Pak Daily Times] The Torkham border was closed down by Pak security officials for several hours on Tuesday, while protesting over the incident involving an Afghan soldier slapping his Pak counterpart. According to Pak officials, an Afghan soldier had slapped a member of the Khasadar Force while he had been checking the passport of an Afghan. The incident led to the border closure from dawn to dusk. Thousands of Afghan nationals were stranded on both sides of the border for several hours. NATO
...the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. It's headquartered in Belgium. That sez it all....
supply trucks and other vehicles, including those carrying old people or dead bodies were also not allowed to cross the border. Meanwhile,
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Commandant Khyber Rifles, Col Fayaz Mughal while putting floral wreaths on the memorial site of martyred FC soldiers and officers said that security forces "have rendered great and unforgettable sacrifices for the nation and rustics to create durable peace in the area, particularly Landi Kotal and the adjacent areas. The martyred soldiers will not be forgotten and their families would be supported."
Posted by: Fred 2013-05-01