Peace Lashkar volunteer killed in Bajaur blast
[Pak Daily Times] A bomb kaboom on Saturday killed two members of a Pak pro-government militia in a tribal region near the Afghanistan border, officials said. The kaboom took place in Chamarkand town, 40 kilometres (25 miles) northwest of Khar, the main town of Bajaur tribal region. "Two members of a pro-government tribal peace committee were killed when an improvised bomb (IED) went off near them," local administration official, Ghulam Saeedullah told AFP. He said that the men were inspecting the site of an earlier IED blast when a second device went off. Local tribal police officials also confirmed the incident and casualties. The attack came two days after about a dozen forces of Evil attacked the homes of two tribal elders near Khar and later killed them. Pakistain has for years been fighting home-grown Taliban forces of Evil in its northwestern border areas with Afghanistan. A US-led NATO
...the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. A single organization with differing goals, equipment, language, doctrine, and organization....
combat mission across the border is due to withdraw next year after a 12-year Afghan Taliban insurgency.
Posted by: Fred 2013-06-23