Live updates: Millions on streets in Egypt; 2 dead in Giza clashes
[Al Ahram] 22:00 Ahram's Arabic website reports that numbers are increasing at the Qobba presidential palace in Heliopolis. At a nearby underground metro station, crowds are so large the station workers have opened the metro barriers to allow people to exit more easily. Groups of people wearing high-visibility jackets are spreading out securing the rally, reports Ahram.

Qobba only became a major location for protests this weekend; previously, anti-Morsi marches headed to Tahrir Square or to Ittihadiya presidential palace (also in Heliopolis), where the president's office is officially based. On 30 June, however, the president moved his office to Qobba, and as a result the palace is becoming a popular destination for rallies and marches.

21:45 More festivities in Upper Egypt. Violence broke out between pro- and anti-Morsi supporters in the city of Minya after a number of Morsi supporters reportedly fired at anti-Morsi protesters during rival protests, according to Ahram Arabic.

Thousands of Morsi supporters had gathered in front Al-Rahman mosque, known in the city as an Al-Gamaa Al-Islamiya spot, in a march towards the city's Palace Square where hundreds of anti-Morsi protesters had been staging a sit-in against the recently-appointed Islamist affiliated governor, when a number of people from the pro-Morsi protest reportedly fired at protesters in front of the governorate building.

An account of injuries has not yet been provided.

Police fired rounds of teargas in the perimeter of the governorate headquarters to disperse the two camps.

21:40 Clashes erupt in Luxor in front of the governorate headquarters after pro-Morsi demonstrators attacked an anti-Morsi protest, reports Ahram Arabic. Several have been reported injured, although the official number is still unconfirmed. Security forces apparently intervened to contain festivities.

In Beni Suef, pro-Morsi demonstrators retreated from the main square after anti-Morsi demonstrators approached.

21:30 Ministry of health announces one dead in festivities in Giza that took place between opponents and supporters of President Morsi. In total, 72 have been injured during the Tuesday festivities over nine different governorates.

21:05 We should stress that the injuries and deaths that are being reported are happening at the margins, not in the main protest sites. Tahrir Square, Ittihadiya, and Qobba are all so far free of any festivities, as is the main Islamist rally in Rabaa Al-Adawiya.

The festivities have been occurring in locations where smaller numbers and marches are taking place. The two reported deaths were in Kit Kat in Giza, which is located on the western side of the Nile river, opposite Cairo.

21:00 The Minister of Health Mostafa Hamed has announced that 39 people have been injured in festivities in seven governorates: Cairo, Alexandria, Qalioubiya, Giza, Daqahliya, Damietta and Fayoum, which saw the highest number of injuries per governorate at 21.

Hamed said that 17 out of the 39 injured have been discharged from hospitals. The two deaths in Giza have yet to be confirmed officially.

20:50 Thousands of anti-Morsi demonstrators are gathered in El-Horreya Square in the city of Damietta, reports Ahram Arabic. Earlier on Tuesday evening, hundreds of Morsi supporters had gathered near the square to demonstrate but retreated when scuffles broke out with residents. Police forces are still deployed around the square to form a buffer between the two camps.

20:45 There have been a number of political resignations today, including six ministers, a cabinet spokesperson, and a number of others.
Posted by: Fred 2013-07-03