Egypt's new interim president: Judge Adly Mansour
Rolled over to July 4.
[Al Ahram] Judge Adly Mahmoud Mansour, 67, head of Egypt's High Constitutional Court (HCC) -- who is now Egypt's transitional president after former Moslem Brüderbund president Mohamed Morsi was ousted after mass protests this week -- was appointed head of the HCC last July after former head Judge Maher El-Beheiry's term had ended.

Mansour was appointed in line with a new 2011 law, which stipulated that HCC heads should be appointed from within the court system. For 20 years, the HCC head was chosen from outside the constitutional court. Mansour has served as deputy head of the HCC since 1992.

Mansour helped draft the supervision law for the presidential elections that brought Morsi to power in 2012, which included setting a legal timeframe for electoral campaigning.

Born in December 1945, Mansour graduated law school in 1967 and worked at Egypt's State Council -- which has jurisdiction over the administrative court system when the government is involved -- before joining the HCC.
Posted by: Fred 2013-07-04