New category: Land of the Free
The Burg rolls out a new category today for posting: Land of the Free

As Fred said to the mods, "Land of the Free: There was a story the other day--I don't think it was posted here--about a sorority girl who was almost shot by cops as they were attempting to detain her on suspicion of underage drinking.

"I'd say all evidence of police state stuff."

This is an extension beyond our usual WoT focus. Let's see if we can use this category as Fred suggests. There does seem to be more and more material with which to work.

A suggestion: the police state stuff and curtailments of liberties that we post in LotF should be about countries that aren't already police states.

Questions and comments about LotF today can go here.

Thx to all,

Posted by: 2013-07-04