Major Pushback By Egypt Islamists
CAIRO -- Seething Enraged Islamists pushed back against the toppling of President Mohammed Morsi, as tens of thousands of his supporters marched in Cairo on Friday to demand his reinstatement and attacked his opponents.
'Tens of thousands': sounds rather fewer than the anti-Morsi demonstrations earlier in the week...
Nighttime clashes raged with stone-throwing, firecrackers and gunfire, and military armored vehicles raced across a Nile River bridge in a counterassault on Morsi's supporters.

Mayhem nationwide left at least 10 people dead and 210 wounded as Morsi supporters stormed government buildings, vowing to reverse the military's removal of the country's first freely elected president. Among the dead were four killed when troops opened fire on a mostly peaceful march by Islamists on the Republican Guard headquarters.

Posted by: Steve White 2013-07-06